ЦСР: Social and Financial Protection for Priority Vulnerable Groups

Центр стратегических разработок опубликовал презентацию доклада президента центра Михаила Дмитриева на тему «Social and Financial Protection for Priority Vulnerable Groups: Challenges and Opportunities for Public Administration». The crisis has produced or exacerbated serious, wide-ranging and differentiated impacts:

1) Rapid increases in unemployment, poverty and hunger

2) Declining remittances

3) Reduced ability to maintain social safety nets and provide other social services, such as health and education

4) Increased infant and maternal mortality

5) Collapse of housing markets and household deleveraging

6) Losses in retirement savings and benefits

Between 73 and 103 million more people would remain poor or fall into poverty in comparison with pre-crisis scenarios, of which:

East and South Asia — between 56 and 80 million more people in poverty

India – between 28 and 40 million

Africa 12 to 16 million more people in poverty

Latin America and the Caribbean — 4 million more people in poverty

It will take 5-7 years to get back to where we were before the crisis. The number of jobless worldwide reached nearly 212 million in 2009, following an unprecedented increase of 34 million compared to 2007. The number of unemployed youth worldwide increased by 10.2 million in 2009 compared to 2007, the largest hike since 1991.

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