How to buy used trucks in the Netherlands: some tips

Independent broker FDW Trading sells used trucks in the Netherlands, frigo trailers, open trailers, used Dutch excavators, curtain siders-tipper trailer, low loaders, spareparts (tyres, engines, axles), second hand cars, etc.

In this case you can purchase high quality trucks and trailers of all brands like MAN, Scania, Volvo, Daf, Iveco, Mercedes, etc.

FDW Trading can help you to buy used equipment in the Netherlands at best actual prices as they know the European market very well (see also or call +31 (0)6 5142 6940).

Broker delivers all types of high quality equipment for Forestry, Construction, Agriculture, Material handling, Transportation, etc.

Mileage and year of manufacture

Significant emphasis should be placed on the car’s mileage and year of manufacture.

Aggregates aged from three to five years are mainly considered. It should be remembered that the less the vehicle was used, the more documents it must be accompanied.

Professional experts have identified three categories that determine the service life of a used truck. A run of five hundred thousand kilometers is considered small, which means that the vehicle is almost new and its potential is great.

The figure of eight hundred thousand is the average degree of wear and tear, and you should not mess with equipment of a million kilometers at all.

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Test drive

A test drive is absolutely necessary, because only sitting behind the wheel, you can feel all the flaws. While in the cab, be sure to listen to the engine, it should work clearly, without extraneous sounds.

You should also check the gearbox, it should be switched on gently, without effort.

It is not superfluous to pay attention to the steering mechanism, inspect the degree of wear on the tires on the wheels, inspect the frame for traces of welding, and assess the condition of the body.

The fuel system should also not malfunction.

Before answering the question of which truck to choose, you need to determine what type of equipment you need.

Then you need to determine the load capacity of the machine and the possibility of increasing this parameter. It is also important to analyze the cost of spare parts for the selected brand and model.

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Financial issue

The financial issue is not the last one in this case. However, when determining the budget, do not forget to study the market for new vehicles you are looking for. And only after confirming the benefits of the purchase, start looking for the most suitable offer from all the profitable ones.


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